Some genealogical info that I've colected

Wm. Sendtko family about 1930
Wm. Sendtko family about 1960
Emma and Wm. Sendtko wedding 1917

I’m using this site to share genealogical stories that I’ve found during my years of research.  Much of the details are on my pages.  I’m cls1644.

Here is a summary of what’s on the pages:

German Ancestors and their families:

SENDTKO – immigrants from Olecko, East Prussia in 1912.

KUNITZER – Immigrants from Dombie, Kolo, Poland in 1893.

WEISS – Settlers of Frankenmuth, MI in 1850. From Franconia area of Bavaria.

WOLTERS – Immigrants from Braunschweig, Germany in 1852.


FOREWORD – Why I collected the info.

MOSBY– The story of Thomas F Mosby 1837-1878, the Scoundrel

HEZEKIAH – A Mosby hero who freed his slaves.

NICHOLAS – Mosby Revolutionary War settler of Kentucky

NASHVILLE – Thomas Mosby’s embezzlement in Nashville

CIVIL WAR – Gainesville, TX, where Thomas committed murder.

MORE – My Mosby research trail.

HICKMAN – A tragic family in SW Missouri.

Neva, Ella and Lois Denney.
T. H. Mosby family in Oklahoma about 1900
Sale of Susannah Mosby slaves
Flyer for sale of Susanna Mosby's ennslaved people.