William Sendtko came to America from Germany about 1911 through Ellis Island.

Sendtko Photo Gallery

William Sendtko was my grandfather.  He was born on March 29, 1886 and died in a car-train accident on October 17, 1951.  He married Emma Kunitzer on February 18, 1917.  They had a dairy in Saginaw, on Hermansau Rd.  Their children were Ida, Esther, William, Martha and Daniel.

William’s father was Johann Sendtko and his mother was Marie Kolmesko.  Johann’s  father was probably Martin and his mother was Caroline Nowotsch.  Martin’s father was Adam.  There are Sendtkos in Germany, and they lived for many generations in the Olecko area when it was part of East Prussia.  Johann died when William was young and Marie remarried Mr. Bossy.  Ida Niederquell was his half-sister.  Lena Persicke was Ida’s cousin.  I knew them as I was growing up.

Here are some pictures from my childhood that I just scanned.

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