The Mathis family of Tennessee

William T .. Mathis, (1778-1849), married Lydia Carleton (1778-1846).  The Carleton family has been traced back through various Royal and almost royal families in England to 1066.

William and Lydia were the parents of Jacob Mathis (24 Aug.. 1809 to 27 April 1876) on 16 Oct.. 1828 he married Mary Carter (17  Nov. 1814 to Feb .. 1855) .. Her father was John W. Carter.

Jacob had a son, Robert Neeley Mathis, died in 1910, who married Susan Combs. Her Father was Wm. A. Combs and mother was Martha Barnett.  Susan died at age 30.

Robert Neeley’s son was Robert Luther Mathis. He married Tabitha E. Hamilton, and one of their children was Susie Elizabeth Mathis who married William P. Harrison.

All of the information in this Mathis line, and those progenitors of it, was compiled by Louise Mathis Warmath Long.  She died unexpectedly in 1975 before she was able to complete the work.

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