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Bonus items

I’ve transcribed some histories, letters etc. that you might enjoy reading.  I’ve fixed some of the spelling, but not other writing quirks.

Cicley’s Trust - How a quick-thinking slave saved the Boisseau girls from Civil War Bushwhackers in Missouri.

Charley’s letters - Life as a cowboy in Texas during the 1890s.

Life in Missouri at the same time.  Illustrated with pictures of common household items, written by  Lucy Heatherton.

Settling Oklahoma by Ella B. Denney.  Life in Anadarko at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The Liberty Jail - The life of Judge Elisha Cameron and his interaction with the Mormons in Missouri.

Back to Adam - The Tucker line traced back through the royalty of England, Scotland, Ireland to the Pharaohs, David, Noah, Adam.  This line also traces to the 2nd governor of Bermuda - he got shipwrecked on his way to Jamestown.

Mayflower Ancestor - Through the Clifford line to Stephen Hopkins

The Dutch Connection - Through the Van Arsdale line to the Dutch West India Company’s founding of New Amsterdam (now NYC)

Jamestown in 1607 and an Indian ancestor - Dodson. - John Dodd

A note to my readers. 

When doing my research, I’ve gone to other people’s sites and cut and pasted what I needed to fill in my blanks.  I’ve sometimes borrowed pictures and text without attribution.  I’ve scanned or transcribed old newspaper articles, hand written documents & stuff from books.  This has offended the creators of some of the original research and I’m sorry.  I will be careful in the future to note my sources, and will update references when I find them.

This site has been made for the benefit of my relatives and others who might be interested.  It is also to preserve the work of researchers who provided me with their work, but died before they could share it.  That includes Louise Mathis Warmath, James Edward Harrison, Lois Denney Mosby, Florence Parth and Esther Sendtko.

Some of what I’ve published is my work of painstaking hours in libraries and court houses.  Others is the work of the people noted above.  Once I had this information compiled I used RootsWeb and many other internet sites to fill out the families.  You have my permission, as much as I have the right to give it, to use whatever you want on this site for your own genealogical research and compilation.  Trust but verify.



above: Daniel Sendtko, The Mayflower, The Weiss family in Rogers City, MI.

Pedigree Charts (names in italics are hyperlinks)

My childhood pictures

Cheryl Sendtko

Marie Kulmesko

William R. Mosby’s ancestry:  

William T Mosby

Mary Evans

Peter CliffordClifford/Entries/1893/12/30_Peter_Clifford.htmlClifford/Entries/1893/12/30_Peter_Clifford.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

Charlotte Brown

 C. E. Clifford Clifford/Entries/1911/8/21_C._E._Clifford.htmlClifford/Entries/1911/8/21_C._E._Clifford.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
Alice Clifford Clifford/Entries/1914/2/10_Alice_Clifford_Mosby.htmlClifford/Entries/1914/2/10_Alice_Clifford_Mosby.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

Emily Baker

pedigree chart - big pdf (650k)

pedigree chart - big pdf - 375k

Matilda TuckerTucker/Tucker.html

James Campbell

Mary Overstreet

Sarah Campbell

Mary Carter

William Combs

Susan Combs

Sibella Griffen

Martha Davie

Judith Christian